Red & Yellow Peppers Nacho Salad

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Didn't I have you at nachos. Didn't I? And aren't you feeling a bit bad that I don't really have nachos in this pic? Fear not. It's because nachos didn't really strike me at all! Not till dinner time and I just felt an extra crunch missing.

This salad is almost the same as a Pico de Gallo except I added peppers cos I was in the mood for them and I had a both red and yellow peppers at home. It's always been a little exotic, these peppers. We never had them when we were kids. And to me for the longest time, I really didn't think there was any difference. But slowly I can differentiate them in taste, though even now I'm really not that confident of a blind taste test.

I've promised myself I''ll move around more and eat healthier this year. Perhaps the first of many such years. So I get my cook to chop up some veggies or cook healthy but tasty stuff for lunch and dinner. This one seemed the easiest to start the year with,


1 red pepper diced small
1 yellow pepper diced small
1 onion diced small
1 tomato diced small
handful coriander chopped
Juice of one lime
Salt & pepper
4 nachos

Toss all ingredients together except nachos. Give time for the ingredients to rest. Brings out the flavours more.
When its time to serve, crumble nachos and sprinkle on top.

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