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My name is Maria George and if you've reached this page you're crazy. Well, no, Seriously! haha! I'm happy to have you here.

This is my tiny little contribution to the few people who have asked me for recipes of things I put up on Facebook. I am a baker, I always was and am fairly sure always will be. I baked my first cake on my own when I was ten, but was helping my mum around the kitchen way before that. I love tinkering around the kitchen. Going through my mum's refrigerator is one of my fav hobbies. I also collect bakeware, crockery, odds & ends for the kitchen and am known to sit crosslegged in Jamal's Bangalore for hours going through their stuff.

I make things I enjoy. Sometimes it depends on whats in my kitchen, sometimes on the season and sometimes on what I'm reading at the moment (Why does Enid Blyton make scones sound so exciting always??!!!) Most of these recipes are heavily influenced by other recipes online. Occasionally I flip through a cookbook and try something. Thats a rare occurrence though. In times of trouble, Google is my biggest helper. But the last and final call always goes "MUMMMMMMM"

I hold a degree in Architectural Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Calicut and am a Marketing graduate from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. A better marketeer than designer I can fairly say, cos I've never practiced Architecture and don't think I ever will. It had been a dream almost forever to go to Le Cordon Bleu for a course. In 2012, I finally attended the Basic Patisserie course at LCB, London. Hence Cordon Bleu certified too! Though, I think I liked my time in London a tad more than the course itself ;-) More on that at some point.

Fact of Life - Baking is indulgent. Its meant to be. If someone were to try and give me a healthy dessert, I'd snigger. Not that it would matter to anyone, but I still would :-) I'm slightly lactose intolerant, so if possible I avoid having cream. But I definitely do not avoid cheesecakes. I occasionally make vegan stuff for my little nephew. He's allergic to dairy and meat products which also means no eggs or butter for the little tyke. These will appear under the Vegan category when I get around to putting them up.
The other stuff I make, the savoury stuff (soups, sides, salads etc) tend to be a little more on the healthy side. Its like my tiny healthy give for my BIG indulgent take on desserts.

Another BIG Fact of Life - I live in India, the land where things are not so easily available off the shelf. So sometimes "Making from Scratch" takes on a whole new meaning.

Follow me through this maze of baking, making, plating and more.
For any queries, drop in a comment or mail me at miiraage@gmail.com

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