Coffee Cinnamon Wine flavoured Bread Pudding


Dear Shruthi,

Thank you for giving me the final nudge to start off a blog to catalogue my recipes. All of these are tried on a whim, mostly dependant on whats in my fridge/pantry and more or less what I feel like eating at any particular moment. The recipes for most of these dishes can be found anywhere on the net, but I cannot always guarantee complete adherence/authenticity from my side to any recipe, author or region. Safe to say 'I Wing It' most times! What I can guarantee is a fun experience and a tasty end result.

Cheers, M

This here was inspired one macaron making infested morning after. After a couple of attempts to get my macarons right, I had a bunch of egg yolks leftover. Frugal that I am when it comes to things in my kitchen, I was loathe to pour them down the sink. So they ended up in this pudding. I used these little round biscuits available locally called Vennai biscuits. If you dont know what these are, not to worry, use rusk or toasted day old bread torn apart. The thing that puts me off bread puddings mostly is that it always seems to miss the crunch. This takes care of that. Makes for an amazing boozy breakfast (well, thats me) or dessert or evening snack.


9            Vennai Biscuits (Or Rusk)
2            Egg Yolks
3/4cup    Milk
2 Tbsp    Sugar
2 Tbsp    Red Wine
1 tsp       Instant Coffee Powder
Dash of Cinnammon

Place biscuits evenly in a layer in a 6" dish. Mix the rest of the ingredients except Cinnammon using a whisk. Pour over the biscuits. Sprinke Cinnamon on top. Bake at 180C for 45* minutes.

* I used the convection option of a Samsung Microwave to bake this. From what I've seen, it takes slightly longer to bake than generally prescribed in recipes. So keep a watch over it if you're using a normal oven.


  1. OMG...I feel so honoured that my name appears on your blog.....Thanks Maria.....i just cannot hide my excitement....muah...your blog's gonna rock!!

  2. Thank you :) I really appreciate the encouragement.