Malabar Bread Pudding


I name it as if all of the Malabar area were eating this kind of bread pudding. No, I name it this way cos flavours of the Malabar are unique and something I've so often repeated in this blog. To me bananas, coconut sugar and a sprinkle of cardamom remind me of home and the food I grew up with.
Perhaps not always the food we made at home, but the food I've come to associate with the region I've spent my childhood years.

I'm not sure why the photos are a little blurred, maybe I'll reshoot the next time I make it cos today I've finished it all.

This is the simplest thing to make, it practically involves no measuring.


4 slices day old bread
1 kerala banana quartered lengthwise and sliced long (or any which way you want actually)
1 coconut milk tetrapak (200 ml)
1 egg
2 tbsp sugar
4 cardamom pods seeds crushed
Cashew & extra sugar for sprinkling on top

Heat oven to 200C
Use a 6 inch round dish
Tear bread onto the dish. Add sliced bananas and try and distribute them evenly
Lightly beat coconut milk, egg, sugar & cardamom in another dish
Pour over bread mixture
Sprinkle cashews and sugar on top to give an additional crunch
Bake for 30-35 mins
If you see the tops burnt but the custard not cooked, reduce temperature and bake longer

If I had my way, I'd use only bread crusts for bread pudding.

Guaranteed to make my mallu heart beat faster.


  1. Awesome recipe...different from all recipes ive ever seen

    1. Thanks Shruthi. I'm sure not so different :-)