Coffee Kahlua Salted Caramel Crumble Cake

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That was a mouthful wasn't it? The name... that is... But trust me, once you start having this cake, you will not be able to stop stuffing yourself one mouthful at a time! Especially if you're a coffee lover.
I almost never get excited by just cake. I always need something more, an edge to make it happening for me. This cake though, is soooo good... I sneak into the kitchen and treat myself to a slice now and then. I tweaked a basic pound cake and made it into a coffee cake. Does that make sense? Terribly, horribly influenced by my aunt's Coffee Walnut Cake, something which my sil and I gobble up everytime she makes but forget to take down the recipe for.

I just had to put up this picture cos I love the colour against all the greens and browns around. Love RED! Always! Living in Kerala has its benefits. There is so much green, so much space, a profusion of flowers in the garden, and lots and LOTS of mangoes fruiting up. Its going to be difficult going to a city.
Coming back to the cake, for a while I considered not giving out this recipe haha! cos I really really liked it. And I wanted it to be all mine... Well, I am that way. But who am I kidding? This one is just too good not to be shared and enjoyed. Its terribly indulgent, horribly decadent and oh so much buttery goodness with all that caramel.

Its been a while since my last foray into baking a cake and I wanted to finish off the stuff I'd been hoarding in the fridge from my last time. There was some Salted Caramel Sauce (click for recipe) and crumble leftover from an apple tart I'd made for my friend a while ago. I kind of wanted to clear out the fridge before I go traveling next week.

I made two versions of this cake - One with the caramel sauce and one without. My mum loved both. She said the texture was just awesome. But, she liked the one with the caramel sauce better. Thats big, really BIG coming from her. Let's just say she's very specific when its comes to food. So if you're feeling indulgent feel free to add the caramel sauce. Else, just ignore that part. The cake is good. Really, really good either way.

For the cake

100g                         butter
100g/1/2 cup            sugar
2                               eggs
8tsp                          water or kahlua
4tsp                          instant coffee powder
100g/1 cup               all purpose flour
1 tsp                         baking powder

For the crumble

100g                       all purpose flour
50g                         salted butter chilled and diced
2tbsp                      sugar
2tbsp                      slivered almonds

Salted Caramel

Click for recipe


Rub butter and flour together till it resembles bread crumbs. Add the sugar and slivered almonds and give a quick mix. Chill in refrigerator till required.


Preheat oven to 180C. Grease and line an 8" cake tin.
Cream butter and sugar.
Add eggs and continue creaming till soft peaks form (around 5 mins or so).
Mix the instant coffee to kahlua/water. Whisk into the egg mixture.
Slowly fold in sifted flour and baking powder to give an even batter

Pour batter into lined cake tin. Drizzle Caramel Sauce on top uniformly across. Don't try spreading, just add more to fill in the gaps.
Sprinkle half the crumble mix uniformly on top to make a thick layer.

Bake for 40 mins or till set and the crumble is slightly browned. Cool in tin. Slice, plate and indulge. This one is all yours.

*The leftover crumble mix can be used on cakes, tarts or crumbles. Just keep it refrigerated.

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