'Ultimate' Chocolate Dessert Cake

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When all you want to do is swim around in chocolate, this cake hits the right spot!

For reasons unknown, my mother has decided to give up chocolate. It happened a year ago. Don't ask me why. But she says she was eating too much chocolate and she got tired of it. Well.. actually that could be true. There hasn't been a time in my life when Mum's fridge hasn't had chocolates and we weren't having it a bit at a time after lunch. It's a little surprising though when someone like that ups and gives chocolate all of a sudden.
Anyway, one day she and I were watching Donna Hay on TLC and suddenly she went.. "that looks gooood!" Mum never goes like that for anything chocolatey now. So I made my folks the 'Ultimate One Bowl Chocolate Dessert Cake' for their anniversary.

The recipe calls for almonds. I like almonds. But let's be honest - they're a little too expensive for me at the moment. Besides I've always been one for using whatevers around the house. Unless of course I'm making something where I absolutely need that 'Special' ingredient. Cashews were my choice of nuts for this one. This cake is incredibly easy to make... and like she says just one bowl! How lucky are we bakers! Use your best chocolate for this one, because obviously the main ingredient is chocolate and its taste will shine through

I was a little taken aback at the idea of using 5 eggs in a cake, so I made one using 2 eggs in a 6" tin. I'm going to give measurements for that one, plus the original one so everyone needn't make 6" cakes.

Adapted from Donna Hay's Ultimate One Bowl Chocolate Dessert Cake.


6 inch                      9 inch
50g                         125g                             butter, chopped
150g                       375g                             Chocolate (70% or above)
1/4cup+1/8cup        1cup                             Brown Sugar
2tbsp                      1/4cup                          All purpose flour
1/2tbsp                   2Tbsp                           Milk
1/4cup+1/8cup        1cup                             Ground Cashews
2                             5                                  Eggs
Cocoa for Dusting


Preheat oven to 170C. Grease and line baking tin.
Melt chocolate and butter in a double boiler till the chocolate has completely melted.
Add sugar, flour, milk and ground cashews and mix to combine.
Add eggs and mix well. Try not to incorporate too much air. This ones supposed to be a dense, fudgy cake.
Pour into baking tin and cover with aluminium foil.
Bake for 1 hour*.
Remove foil and cool in tin.
Dust with Cocoa Powder.
Serve with Ice-Cream and Strawberries**.

*The original recipe says 40 mins. Mine wasn't anywhere close to being done by then. So perhaps you can keep an eye on it from then on
**Though the recipe says berries, I wasn't really sure till I had a bite with them. AMAZZIIINNGGG!!!!
***And it tastes even better the next day! :)

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