Cardamom Flavoured Coconut Cream Panna Cotta

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I've observed that everytime I move houses, there is inevitably an occasion within a few weeks where there are people over. Obviously I don't want anyone to notice the mess I haven't gotten around to putting away. So I go about making something which can get them to forget the unkempt house and just concentrate on their taste buds.

This here was when my brothers had come down for the Metallica concert in Bangalore last year. Very heavily inspired from David Lebovitz's Recipe for the Perfect Panna Cotta, this is my version which uses coconut cream instead of normal cream. The coconut cream gives it a fresh, light feeling making it perfect for a summer's day.

I served them in dessert bowls itself to avoid the hassle and stress of de-moulding. Though David L says 8 servings, I got 10 fairly big servings from this.You could top them with any kind of fruits/berries. I topped mine with Orange Carpels & Dark Chocolate shavings. I opted for orange carpels cos they taste so yum, though they are a bit troublesome to get ready. I wanted orange but without any of the fibre that holds it together. The chocolate was just for kicks cos orange and chocolate always go well together. The flavours blended in so well and the final result was just amazing!


Panna Cotta

4cups          Coconut Cream (4 250ml tetrapaks)
8                 Cardamom Pods (Seeds powdered)
1/2cup        Sugar
41/2tsp       Gelatin
6tbsp          Cold Water


2                Oranges
4squares    Bournville or any dark chocolate

Lightly brush dessert bowls with refined oil.
Sprinkle gelatin over cold water in a fairly large bowl and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
Warm coconut cream, sugar and crushed cardamom seeds on the stove, till sugar melts. Take off heat and run it through a sieve to ensure smoothness.
Pour this very warm mix over gelatin and stir till the gelatin is completely dissolved (no lumps).
Divide into moulds and chill for 4-6 hours to set. Mine got the overnight treatment.
For the topping: Segment oranges and gently pull out the carpels without breaking them. Shave chocolate using a peeler
To serve, just spinkle each dessert bowl with orange carpels and dark chocolate shavings. Dig in!

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