Fruity Froyo

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Congratulate me! This is my first post with an actual DSLR pic. One I haven't yet learnt to use despite being in my hands for over 6 months. I probably took a hundred shots of this yoghurt before I had one I moderately liked. This one. But by then I didn't have a choice. My frozen yoghurt had begun dripping and this one was the last serving. So I stuck a spoon in it and gobbled it all up melted, frozen and all.

It started out with me wanting to make fig frozen yoghurt. But there is no stopping once I start and it ended up being a 'Fig, Strawberry & Orange Frozen Yoghurt'. Partly because it didn't taste figgy enough with just the figs, and then it didn't have enough zing even after adding strawberries. The orange just rounded it all off and brought this awesome flavor which was something really unexpected. You'll have to take my word for it, cos the rest of the consumers don't read this blog and are not on facebook. They just eat!

While a frozen yoghurt is not difficult to make, please keep aside 4 hours for intermittent whisking of yoghurt during the freezing process.


800g        -  Full Fat Yoghurt (That's 2 big containers. I used Danone)
250g        -  Figs (one small case if you're in India)
250g        - Strawberries (one small case if you're in India)
Zest of 2 oranges
8tbsp       - Sugar (This might vary depending on the sweetness of the fruit)
1/4 cup    - slivered almonds

  1. Drain the yoghurt overnight in fridge. Discard whey or use to make bread.
  2. Puree figs & strawberries separately. Its ok to have fruity bits to bite into.
  3. Whisk pureed fig and strawberries into the drained yoghurt.
  4. Add sugar and mix in.
  5. Zest oranges finely. Go chop chop chop till its kind of fine if not using a microplane zester ( I don't own one)
  6. Add this to the yoghurt, whisk it in completely.
  7. Place in freezer for 30 mins, take out and give a thorough whisk to break up the crystals.
  8. Keep repeating step 7 till the mix is almost frozen.
  9. In the last whisk just before complete freezing, add the slivered almonds. I always love a nice nutty bite in yoghurt.
  10. Freeze.
PS: I always find it easier to set froyos out of the freezer 5-10 mins before serving. It's a little hard straight out of the freezer. The whisking method does not completely eliminate all the crystals in the yoghurt, so it won't be as smooth as churned by a machine, but for a homemade froyo, to play around with the flavours, this works just fine I think.

The folks I served it to found it difficult to believe it was yoghurt. While it didn't taste like an ice-cream, it certainly wasn't what they would expect as a frozen yoghurt either. Maybe I subconsciously eliminated the tangy taste of the yoghurt, cos in general I'm really not that fond of yoghurt, but this one I liked.

Remember, frozen yoghurt doesn't keep that long even if its in the freezer. Best consumed within 5 days.

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