Creamy Eggs on Toast

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#BadGirlBreakfasts Part 4 - Creamy Eggs on Toast

When I first moved out of home and to Bangalore, there was this café right next to my house, Rendezvous. My cousin Riya and I spent quite a few evenings reading books and eating sandwiches there. Run by a couple, it was a cozy, homely place for us to spend our evenings than at our cramped rental. My favourite over there was their Egg Club Sandwich. A double decker of a sandwich with lovely toasted bread filled with an egg & mayo mix and also something else I couldn't identify but made me love it all the more.

This one is a near version of that sandwich. Except I just scoop it on toast and scrunch my way through it than as a closed sandwich. As a healthier version, I use hung curd/greek yogurt instead of mayo.

You will need

1  boiled egg
1 tbsp.  mayo/yoghurt
Dash of mustard
Salt & Pepper to taste
3  Chopped Olives (Optional)

Grate boiled egg. Mix in the rest of the ingredients. I went fancy and used the olives. You can skip it.
Serve on buttered toast.

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