Caramelised Onions & Sausages on Toast

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#BadGirlBreakfasts Part 3 - Caramelised Onions & Sausages on Toast

I'm writing this up pretty quick. You know what you need with this one? Its right up there in the title.
Caramelised onions. Which is exactly why I have a post on How To for Caramelised Onions. Click the previous sentence to go to the recipe. I still haven't gotten around to changing the link colour. See, I make life so simple.

You will need

Warm buttered toast
Melted Cheese slice
Caramelised Onions

There you go! Breakfast can't get any simpler than that or any better. If you don't do sausages or don't have non-veg, skip it. It still tastes darn good.

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