Fig, Orange & Pistachio Conserve

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I've been away for a while. I can't promise to be back entirely. But, I will keep popping up cos there are too many things I make on a whim and a fancy and don't note down ingredients for. This is a fun one I want to remember. 

The way I start making stuff is, I look around in the market and check out seasonal produce. Then I start thinking of ways I can combine it to make interesting flavours. By now, you must have realised I generally prefer everything to have more than one main ingredient. It makes making it interesting for me, eating it more so. Or so I believe.

This is inspired by a recipe online from, but not followed to the 'T' as usual.


1/2 kilo - Figs quartered (next time I'll go eighths to manage the size)
1/4 cup - sugar (cut down on the sugar depending on how sweet the figs are)
finely grated zest of two oranges
1/2 cup - orange juice
2 tbsp   - lemon juice
1/2 tsp  - powdered cinnamon
1/8 tsp  - powdered clove (I powdered it not too finely in a mortar-pestle)
1/3 cup - pistachios


Put all of the above except the pistachios in a heavy bottomed saucepan over low flame and reduce to thread consistency stirring occasionally. Stir in pistachios. Cool and store in clean jars.

Thread consistency is when you rub the syrup between your thumb and index finger and stretch and a thread forms between the two fingers. Warning: its really hot!

It would taste great on toast with ricotta. Sadly I didn't have ricotta. I had it on buttermilk scones this morning.

Another one to add to my collection of jams/preserves

Excuse bad pics: I really don't spend too much time taking pics these days. Or cooking. Or baking. Generally enjoy stuffing myself more.

PS: When you add dried fruit or nuts to a preserve, it becomes a conserve! #interestingtidbit

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