Mango FroYo

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Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy to put up something as simple as a frozen yoghurt. But it doesn't seem so crazy when I remember that I actually went and read up on a lot of frozen yoghurt recipes to finally make one.

If you're like me and haven't invested in an ice-cream maker, please read 'How to Make Ice-Cream without a Machine' by David Lebovitz

Please note, these aren't very exact measurements. I got really lucky with very sweet mangoes from our backyard, so I barely had to add any sweetener.

I didn't exactly weigh the mangoes, but eyeballing it, I would say its a cup and a half of pulp. My mother said its approximately 250g of Mango pulp


11/2 cup      Mango Pulp
11/4cup       Yoghurt (Unstrained)
2 tsp            Honey
3 tbsp          Chopped Pistachios

  1. Strain Yoghurt overnight on cheesecloth/muslin/fine-mesh strainer and discard whey.
  2. Whisk mango pulp and strained yoghurt in a deep dish till you get a uniform consistency.
  3. Check for sweetness and add honey as required. Like I said I didn't have to add more than 2 teaspoons. But adding more doesn't hurt if your mangoes aren't that sweet.
  4. Whisk once again and place it in the freezer. Take out in half hour intervals and give a brisk whisk to break up the crystals. They say its better to use a hand blender, we have power issues in summer, so a simple whisk it was for me.
  5. At the time of the last whisk, around 3.5 hours into the freezer, add chopped pistachios and give one final whisk and freeze.

I'm not a big fan of yoghurt, so I got really lucky with this. It barely tasted of yoghurt but provided the creaminess. The mango flavour kicked in on every bite and I got the added crunch of the nuts. I always like different textures in food. You can avoid the nuts if don't really like them. My mother actually preferred it without the nuts. But I thought the pista actually gave a different dimension to it.

Again, I'm thankful to the KSEB guys for not turning off the power too long so I could freeze this thing. I'm forever afraid to bake in Kerala in summer cos you never really know when the power's going to go off.

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