Banana & Coconut flakes on Toast

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#BadGirlBreakfasts Part 2 - Banana & Coconut flakes on Toast

These are not regular bananas. These are the other bananas, the big long ones from Kerala. You also get them in Cuba, Nigeria and I think Miami cos that's what Jon Favreau picked up in the movie 'Chef' and he called them plantains!!!
Do ya hear me people??? Plantains!!!! I grew up calling these bananas plantains till I was very properly corrected by my sister and my friend that no, they are bananas.

Well anyway, these bananas are my favourite kinds. Maybe cos we had so much of them growing up - as chips to snack on, fritters with evening tea, steamed for breakfast. My mum also used to make sandwiches for us with these. I eschewed her beef sandwiches in favour of the banana ones. That fond I was of these guys.

These bananas are an acquired taste they say. I cannot comment cos I love them and know no way other than to not not like them. I grew up eating them with grated coconut, sugar, a little bit of clarified butter (ghee) and cashew nuts. That's also more or less how my mum used to make sandwich fillings.

For 4 slices of toast you need

1                   Banana quartered lengthwise and sliced in quarter inch pieces
3 tbsp           fresh grated coconut
11/2 tbsp      sugar
1 tbsp           chopped cashews
1 tbsp           butter/ghee

Toss butter and bananas together in a frying pan till the bananas turn a deeper yellow/orange.
Add grated coconut, cashews and sugar.
Serve on buttered toast.

You could also add cardamom powder which we commonly add in Kerala. But I decided to keep it simple for breakfast.

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