Veggie Cream Cheese Dip

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The photo does not do justice to the dip. It's a dip I can go back to any day as a sure fire winner for a party. But, the last time I called people over, I forgot the recipe!!! The dip looked green and no amount of tweaking from my end, would make it this colour. My maid and I could remember only the colour and not the ingredients and we played around with it quite a bit. It was tasty enough, but somehow we couldn't get this particular dip out of my our heads. So we tried it again today, despite not having anyone over. Her kids like this dip a lot and wipe it out really quick every time I send it over with her.

I serve it with chips, but honestly you can spread it on breads, buns, use as topping for a burger etc etc. The kids do do that, The also spread it on chapathis I've heard. There is nothing that crazily difficult about this dip. Cream Cheese Spread and a bunch of veggies. You can't really go wrong cos lets face it, cheese in any which way is good.

This one uses carrots, red peppers, spring onions, garlic & mint. You could add celery and any other peppers you like. The only difference I found is the cheese spread I used. Amul cream cheese spread has higher water content than Brittannia. So I prefer using Brittannia. But this time the store had only only Amul and I decided to go ahead with it anyway. I like the dip to have a thicker consistency which Amul does not give.


1 carton cream cheese spread (200g)
1 carrot diced small
1/2 red pepper diced small
2 spring onions chopped
4 garlic cloves chopped fine
leaves from 3 sprigs mint
Salt to taste.

Put everything together in blender and whizz till completely blended in.
Serve with chips.
Spread on bread.
Roll up on chapathis.

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